BrightCloud Web Service API

BrightCloud Web Service (BCWS) is a premier URL classification and reputation service available to developers that is used and trusted by security vendors worldwide. Using BCWS, developers can analyze URLs in detail without having to develop the large, scalable, and complex databases and processes required to accurately classify billions of URLs.

The web service allows developers to make API calls to our web service API and determine which of the 100 categories that a URL belongs as well as its reputation index. (Note: The BCWS API supports IP\URL categorization and reputation services. If you are interested in the other BrightCloud services such as IP Reputation Blacklist, File Reputation, Mobile App Reputation or Real-Time Anti-Phishing services, please contact sales.)

The BrightCloud URL Classification and Reputation service is the most comprehensive and accurate in the industry, and now it's accessible and in a way that's easier and cost effective than ever before.


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Simply pay for what you use. Once you sign up (there is no charge to sign up), you can purchase API request bundles at the rates listed below. We will maintain an account balance for you so you know how many requests you have remaining and can top-up these at any time. There are no additional sign-up or set-up fees for the BrightCloud Web Service.

You can set your account to automatically refill your account balance when it gets low, or we will send you an email so you can maintain full control of it yourself.

Rates for calls include volume discounts:

  • $19.95 per 50,000 API requests (that's less than $0.04 per 100 calls!)
  • $299.95 per 1,000,000 API requests (that's less than $0.03 per 100 calls!)
  • $1,999.95 per 10,000,000 API requests (that's less than $0.02 per 100 calls!)